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Addictively Delicious !
31 December 2007

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The Tree
29 December 2007

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Nature's Splash of Color
20 December 2007

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17 December 2007

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Headless Lovers
16 December 2007

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Manhattan Bridge
3 December 2007

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28 October 2007

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Long time coming
25 October 2007

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6 October 2007

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2 October 2007

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Morning has come
1 October 2007

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Happy Birthday Mary dear
21 September 2007

Recent Comments

Son Poemas on First Signs of Spring
Beautiful capture! Gracias.

crash on Matt on Guitar
cool pic. very jealous ... wish I could play guitar ... tried once, boy did i suck

lissa on Morning Sky
oooh, so lovely.

Laurie on Matt on Guitar
Nice moment.

Dan on Is he 'Deep in Thought' ?
Interesting expression...nice light though.

Laurie on The Platform
Nice location. Congrats to them! How did it go?

Laurie on Morning Sky
The colors are really pretty here.

Craiger on Morning Sky
Gorgeous colors and tones!

Luis Rodrigues on Morning Sky
Amazing colors!

Laurie on Golden Light
It's a lovely warm light and a nice view. Classic architecture.

Craiger on Light in Winter
Love the shadows!

Laurie on Light in Winter
I love the starkness of the trees. The sun adds a feeling of hope to this image.

Rebel Streetshooter on Light in Winter
Reminds me of a song... morning has broken.

Laurie on Weathered
I love the style of that old building. It has loads of character, but it looks like it needs some serious attention.

Rebel Streetshooter on My Wish for you
A most beautiful presentation. Well done Digital Diary. Happy and Healthy New Year to u and yours.

Craiger on My Wish for you
Love the light! Happy New Year!

Barbara on My Wish for you
Nice warm image and kind words. Happy 2008.

Ken on My Wish for you
An interesting 'still life'. Happy New Year to you and your family. Cheers.

Laurie on My Wish for you
Lovely soft light. Happy New Year!

Bob on The Tree
What a good looking tree, Hope you had a Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

standley on The Tree
Great lighting job. I like the blinds lines

tyan on The Tree
hi frances!love your christmas tree,has this dreamy look that made it look like its a fairy wonderland of endless gifts ...

Wolfgang Prigge on The Tree
Again you did a good job with the light, bravo!

Rebecca on The Man
I like the colours in this shot. The light blue tones are truly lovely. Hello to Christian Joseph! And a very happy new ...

Frances on The Man
From Me: keep clicking 'Cool' to vote - the number is nearing 100!! Thanks.

Wolfgang Prigge on See The Light
Very good light here!

Wolfgang Prigge on First Christmas Together
Very joyful moment!

liaso on Through a Window
lovely glow

liaso on All dressed up
what a serious young lady... love the brillaint blue. it pops in the subdued background.

liaso on Oh, if this where in the woods...
Love the red berries that come out this time of year. Nice pic.

Ken on Headless Lovers
This is a good photo - I was wondering if I could take a good shot of this. You did better that I could have hoped. ...

Rebecca on Is it Winter Yet...
Dear FC, Please forgive the pun, but I do think this is COOL!!! Just wanted to stop by also to wish you and yours a ...

Bob on Is it Winter Yet...
Looks like fun!

Laurie on Is it Winter Yet...
2 more days although it feels like winter has already been here a while!

kairospix on Is it Winter Yet...
deos look like a nice place to have winter fun - u going?

Rebel Streetshooter on Headless Lovers
A wonderful image Frances. A+

Frances on Baby it's cold outside..
Could even put up one for today, if I took it..But alas, it was way too cold for me or my camera..

Laurie on Headless Lovers
Fascinating sculpture. Nicely photographed.

Laurie on Baby it's cold outside..
Not bad for a first attempt. The message that it is ccccold is clear.

Reza on Shopping for the Perfect Gift..
Book is always a great gift. at least for me !

KMF on Shopping for the Perfect Gift..
good shot

e. on Through a Window
Wow, the light through the green is incredible!

Laurie on Manhattan Bridge
This is cool! I love the angle and the contrasts! Nice job! =-)

lissa on All dressed up
It's those random images that usually grabs you. Good shot. Thanks for visiting my blog. As for making your work ...

lissa on Manhattan Bridge
Not a bad shot!

kairospix on All dressed up
yep have to agree with tyan about the stare! nice capture of the moment

Frances on All dressed up
Thanks all for your kind comments and even looking here..I waited a year to post this one..

Shuva Brata Deb on All dressed up
Good random shot.

Laurie on A Song for Mary
Frances...I have been where you are, I know how it feels. My dad passed when I was expecting my youngest son almost ...

tyan on All dressed up
quite a stare indeed, for a girl her age!thanks for popping by my blog,i really appreciate your very kind ...

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